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AO40 Doppler

I've been making a lot of doppler observations to confirm what
I've suspected all along, while saving telemetry for Paul.

I use IT as my tracking program, and there are some inexplicable
shifts in frequency that are contrary to what the program indicates.
I use a .5 minute printout to confirm predicted doppler.  I
have an Icom 821H, used signal sources to check the accuracy and
frequency stability.  My converter is always fired up, and the
temperatures in San Diego generally won't change a degree in
an hour, much less in the minutes that I've made the observations.

I tried another down converter with exactly the same results.

Any one have an answer to the short term frequency shifts that occur
contrary to what the program predicts?...And they occur whether or
not the transponder is on, and both in daylite and dark.

And I can guarantee thermal stability, particularly when it is dark..

Any other doppler chasers have an answer??

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                      Disagree; I learn.........

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