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How many x-ray in space ?


I am testing with an simple x-ray detector circuit (using neon-lamp as 
detector), but I can not hear any "klick-sound" at all. Everything seems the 
be okee, and I think it is the problem that there is just not enough x-rays 
(got thanx)...

But ofcourse I like to know how this x-ray detector is working.
I want to build this detector in my transponder that goes into space with 
VUSAT. The number of x-ray hits will be transmitted via the CW beacon.

Details abt the construction:
The detector is made with an little neon bulb that has voltage supply close 
to ignition, x-ray particles will ignite the neon and this gives the 
elektrical detection.

The complete detector I will place inside the metal box of the transponder 
itselfs, so only gamma rays are measurable.

- How many x-ray hits can be expected (per square meter) per second in space 
- How many in sunlight, and how many in dark ?
- How many other rays can interfere the data ? (rontgen, ...)
- How I can test the detector on earth ? (There is some physic lab/company 
that can help ?)

73 de PE1RAH, William

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