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Satellite communications from hand helds

For LEO satellites, controlling doppler shift comes to mind as a big
problem. For commercial satellites, for example Iridium (TDMA not FM),
the issue was having enough potential capacity to pay back the
investment. The "old" Iridium business plan was fundamentally flawed,
the claimed revenue stream could only be met if all satellites were
constantly accessed at full traffic capacity. Given that the earth is
60% water and "old Iridium" wasn't targeting maritime mobile, there
could never have been enough revenue stream. The investors were duped.

By the way, look up Rhyolite and Aquacade ELINT satellites on the web.

>What are the main technical problems in designing a satellite to enable
>held FM communications via satellite?

>Michael VK2JXI

Joe Leikhim K4SAT

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