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NO-44 cutoff

Hi, just had a pass of NO-44 almost directly overhead.. While monitoring
with Bob's PCSat017 software, I didnt get any frames clear enough to
decode, but I did notice that, after the first weak frame, any further
frames seemed to choke off 1/2 way through. I guess this is due to the
batt' voltage being too low? But could it be the controlling stations
killing it by trying to log in before the bird's had time, in the
sunlight, to recharge? This has been a fairly regular occurance over the
last few days, so, with so few op's trying to use it down this way, would
it be more prudent if the controllers tried letting it go through ZL/VK
space unmollested, so to speak?  Just a thought..

       Alan. (ZL2VAL)

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