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APRS in Japan

Japan connectivity:

APRS is an AX.25 global RF-to-Internet linked system and currently reaches
almost  every country with HAM radio activity... except for Japan.  The
reason is  simple.  In Japan, HAM radio uses a similar but not-the-same
protocol called NAVITRA (but its still just AX.25. Any TNC will do).

But since everything that makes APRS global is only the internet
connectivity, it is TRIVIAL to do an NAVITRA<==>APRS conversion at the
internet interface in Japan, so that HAMS in Japan using NAVITRA can
communicaate globally with any other APRS station globally.

All we need is someone to focus on this need and with time to write the
IGate interface.  The protocalls on both sides are well known.  I have
even defined all the conversions on a WEB page (below).  But I just dont
know how to write  modern IP software and need someone else with internal
JAPAN knowledge of NAVITRA to work on the problem...


With APRS and IRLP and many more Internet interfaces in the works, lets
get this one fixed.  Any volunteers..?

de WB4APR, Bob

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