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Hi all

Now that the internal temperature has decreased, the IDEFIX TLM data are
coherent again. 
Please note that the CU1 payload temperature is also transmitted in an
analog manner.
One of the "voice" messages on 145,838 MHz is an audio carrier centered
around 1800 Hz. The audio freq is temperature dependant.
To allow us to compare the analog and digital temp data, please record the
1800 Hz freq.
Please  send us either your own frequency measurement, or the corresponding
audio file.
An easy way to measure the audio freq is to use an FFT software such as
Spectrogram or Cool Edit. To get a good accuracy, select  a size of at least
8000 FFT points.
WPSKDEC is able to record audio files when it is decoding TLM data in real
To record audio files, go to Config page, and choose Wave file in the bottow
left of the window.
pcm file are automatically named and stored in the same directory as
WPSKDEC, along with the txt and raw decoded files.
To play the audio pcm files  with your favorite audio software, pleasure
configure it as follows: 16 bits, sample rate: 8000 bits/s, mono. 

Thanks in advance for your reports

73 de Jean-Louis F6AGR
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