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Re: FT-847 noise problem

  I've had a similar problem when trying to work FO sats with the 847. I 
think it is a desensing problem, due to the harmonic energy that gets into 
the 70cm receiver, coming from the 2m uplink. The solution is probably to 
build a 2m cavity filter, though I have not tested this yet.



On Wednesday 22 May 2002 20:32, Piero Baudino wrote:
> Hi!
> I have a strange problem with Yaesu FT-847.
> When I use the satellite mode, transmitting from 145.920 to 145.950 Mhz
> LSB and receiving at about 435.850 Mhz USB (FO-20, FO-29 operations...), I
> have a strange noise at 435.850 that don't allow me to work the
> satellite.
> The noise is not so strong to move the S-meter, but there's...
> The antenna system is ok, the 2mt. antenna has no ROS, I don't have the
> noise only if I disconnect the UHF antenna or I transmit in 2 mt. with a
> dummy load...
> 3 month ago I don't had the problem, bat the working conditions was the
> same, same radio, same antennas, same power supply, all the same!
> And... another OM near me has the same problem on his 847, of course with
> different antennas.
> The problem is from the radio, non from the satellite, of couse.....
> Anyone with the same problem ?
> Thanks in advance.
> '73 de Piero IZ1ERR

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