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HELP please USE and be careful with GMT/Z time conversions!

<mounting soapbox>
I don't mean to be a "jerk" but we "all" need to be more careful with
our time conversions to Z/UTC/GMT whatever you want to call it.
Not to pick on Mirek but 2002.05.23, the next western USA-7X mutual
window, cannot possibly happen at "03:12-06:02" Z.  That's roughly
8pm-11pm PDT and AO-40 hasn't been above the horizon for many months at
that time of day!!
Now Mirek didn't say "Z" but he didn't say anything else
either...leading one to believe it's Z...specify your point of
reference!  (or suffer from the "my antenna is 10dB" hex :0)
The JD1 op (sorry I forgot your name) had the same issue with matching
the date changes properly to Z across midnight.
Since we all have limited schedules (on both ends) it only causes
confusion and frustration to have "impossible" times to work towards.
<running away from said box>
Thanks gents/gals for your understanding, again I don't mean to beat up
on anyone personally, but especially as there are several AO-40
'peditions planned for this (northern hemisphere) summertime, now's a
good time to brush up on world time!

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