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FT-847 noise problem


I have a strange problem with Yaesu FT-847.
When I use the satellite mode, transmitting from 145.920 to 145.950 Mhz
LSB and receiving at about 435.850 Mhz USB (FO-20, FO-29 operations...), I
have a strange noise at 435.850 that don't allow me to work the
The noise is not so strong to move the S-meter, but there's...
The antenna system is ok, the 2mt. antenna has no ROS, I don't have the
noise only if I disconnect the UHF antenna or I transmit in 2 mt. with a
dummy load...
3 month ago I don't had the problem, bat the working conditions was the
same, same radio, same antennas, same power supply, all the same!
And... another OM near me has the same problem on his 847, of course with
different antennas.
The problem is from the radio, non from the satellite, of couse.....
Anyone with the same problem ?

Thanks in advance.
'73 de Piero IZ1ERR

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