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RE: Dayton 2003

Cliff wrote:

Why not consider doing a trial run at Ft Worth this year?  Nov is not
all that far off and this is something requiring that it be done fairly
well the first time.  I'm going to Texas this year and would be glad to
help if I can.

Wayne replies:

A first-class satellite station at Dayton wouldn't really be significantly different than some Field Day satellite stations.  Many of us have successfully set up a home satellite station at Field Day.  I think we have enough expertise to get a reliable station working.  What would probably take the most practice and planning would be the "presentation".  Things like giant plasma monitor suggested by Gunther.  Or an audio distribution system to feed multiple loudspeakers and multiple headphones, all with independent volume controls.  Or just the physical layout of the station together with the "traditional" AMSAT booth.  At the very least, the Fort Worth Symposium could include a planning/brainstorming session for a big Dayton AO40 demo.

The main AO40 demo station at Dayton should use "full size antennas" with computer controlled rotors.  Nothing marginal.  Preferably with a backup for everything (multiple radios, antennas, rotors, computers, etc.)  It would be useful to demonstrate a deluxe "home" station AND one or more small portable stations so that visitors can see the two extremes.  We can accommodate more "first satellite contacts" with multiple stations.

Wayne W9AE
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