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Dayton 2003

Gunther wrote:

What would you say to a large scale demo next year, anchored in the AMSAT 
booth, with big plasma screens, so everyone can see the tracking (NOVA) and
a second with AO40Rcv and/or P3T for Telm decoding? Then we put a modest
sound system at the corners of the booth so the crowd can hear the QSO and
Telm beacon. Many vendors were doing that sort of thing. We have a set of
antenna just outside the building (requiring a booth change so we can be
right beside an outside, south facing, door). We have a sign that says,
"Make your first AO-40 QSO"... A master operator of the event, like you and
others with your skills, to direct the QSOs, and some floor managers who
line people up to make a contact. We have prearranged some operators who
will be on station at their QTH committed to make the QSOs for the duration
of the pass, or we have dual stations set up, and we work across the booth.
We have special QSL cards commemorating the show and your AO40 Contact. I
think you would get hundreds and hundreds of Hams who would get their first
glimpse of the Satellite world of Ham radio in action

Wayne replies:

That is a great idea.  Dayton Hamvention 2003 is scheduled to be May 16-18.  I don't know how accurately SGP4 predicts a full year in advance, but here are the windows that I see, assuming spin stabilization with alon/alat = 0/0:

Fri, May 16   AO40 window from 8 AM to 5 PM
Sat, May 17   AO40 window from 8 AM to 2 PM
Sun, May 18   no AO40 window

That's more than half of the operating hours of the Hamvention.  It's actually very lucky timing considering that squint is good for only 20% of each 96 hour cycle of passes.  If AO40 uses 3-axis stabilization next year, the usable window might extend to 5 PM on Saturday (MA245), and Sunday might have a window from 10 until 11:45 AM (MA216-240).

Too bad Hamvention 2003 isn't scheduled to be a week later.  Then we would have AO40 windows for almost the entire operating hours of the Hamvention, even with spin stabilization:

Fri, May 23    AO40 window from noon to 5 PM
Sat, May 24   AO40 window from 7 AM to 5 PM
Sun, May 25   AO40 window from 8 AM until 1 PM

A loudspeaker might attract attention of passersby, but it would also be helpful to have several sets of headphones so people could hear better over the high ambient noise level in the room.  The control operator and the guest operator should definitely wear headphones to get Q5 copy and to get a proper "full duplex" experience.

The AMSAT forum should NOT be scheduled during an AO40 window like it was this year.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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