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RE: Line attenuation at 2.4 GHz??

Alan, WA4SCA asked
> I am looking for attenuation of RG-58 and perhaps RG-174 at
> 2.4 GHz.  For an
> attenuator of course!  The tables I have handy all end at 1
> GHz, and while I
> can extrapolate, I would rather not.  Anybody got the numbers handy?

I reiterate the off said answer to questions like this "When in doubt,
ask the question on GOOGLE.COM".

If you query GOOGLE with the search string "coax cable attenuation", the
first response will be a pointer to

The calculator you get allows you to specify the coax cable type,
including all the Times LMR-xxx cables and all the RG-xxx types and the
frequency in question. I looked for RG-174 (43.489 dB/100 ft = 142.689
dB/100M at 2.4 GHz, Pmax=20 watts) and RG-58 (24.775 dB/100 ft = 81.288
dB/100M, 50watts max).

A GOOGLE search and the Time calculator took me about 1 minute. I spent
5 times that much time typing this reply. Once again I want to stress
that GOOGLE leads directly to the solution for 99+44/100 percent of all

73 de Tom, W3IWI

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