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IDEFIX : news / tlm

News :
As expected, CU2 has stopped transmitting on monday morning after 14
days. The last reports came from Japan. It indicated that the battery
voltage had dropped to 7 V and the RF ouput to -6dB of its normal level.
We have collected enough tlm reports to begin useful analysis.  Grateful
thanks to the OM's who contributed.
It has approximately 10 days ahead of energy, depending of temperature.
The thermal problem has been traced down to the S/H of the ADC and shows
that the internal input mux has been probably hit by a high energy
particle making the leak current to increase with temperature thus
leading to 0 readings of tlm channels above 20-25 deg celsius. A tlm
frame frame captured during the drop out shows it very well.


WDECPSK generates two files :a plain text one and a raw one for
automatic processing of the tlm. So far, we have received a lot of txt
file, but few raw files. If you have received IDEFIX and used WDECPSK,
you should have a lot of .RAW files on your disk in the WDECPSK
directory. We would be thankful if you could take the time to zip them
all and send it at the following addresses : 


Thank you.


WDECPSK genere deux types de fichiers : .txt et .raw. Ces derniers sont
formattés pour le traitement automatique des tlm et nous evitent un
laborieux travail de saisie manuelle. Jusqu'à present, nous avons recu
beaucoup de fichiers TXT mais peu de fichiers .RAW. Ils se trouvent dans
le répertoire de WDECPSK. Nous vous serions reconnaisants de les zipper
et de nous les envoyer aux deux adresses suivantes:


Merci à tous

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