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RE: The crossed yagis on the Dayton AO-40 demo station

Jack Gelfand wrote:

Is there a simple way to explain which yagi goes in front
of the other to get RHCP or LHCP?

Wayne replies:

Howard G6LVB emailed me a little diagram to show the correct relationship between the two dipoles to obtain RHCP.  The imaginary arc between the "hot" ends of the dipoles should form a left-handed corkscrew.  When viewing the antenna from the rear, the rear gamma match points up to the right.  The front gamma match points up to the left.

With my Arrow 7x7 yagi it would be very easy to reverse one of the dipoles to convert it to LHCP.  I haven't tried that to see how much it degrades the uplink.  But I'm certain that my antenna is RHCP because the uplink is only about 3 dB weaker than my 15x15 M-squared RHCP yagi.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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