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Great job at Dayton

Howard G6LVB, Mike N1JEZ, & VK6WN
Congratulations on a job well done. I had to leave Dayton Friday late
afternoon, so I missed your demo. It sounds like it was a great success.
What would you say to a large scale demo next year, anchored in the AMSAT
booth, with big plasma screens, so everyone can see the tracking (NOVA) and
a second with AO40Rcv and/or P3T for Telm decoding? Then we put a modest
sound system at the corners of the booth so the crowd can hear the QSO and
Telm beacon. Many vendors were doing that sort of thing. We have a set of
antenna just outside the building (requiring a booth change so we can be
right beside an outside, south facing, door). We have a sign that says,
"Make your first AO-40 QSO"... A master operator of the event, like you and
others with your skills, to direct the QSOs, and some floor managers who
line people up to make a contact. We have prearranged some operators who
will be on station at their QTH committed to make the QSOs for the duration
of the pass, or we have dual stations set up, and we work across the booth.
We have special QSL cards commemorating the show and your AO40 Contact. I
think you would get hundreds and hundreds of Hams who would get their first
glimpse of the Satellite world of Ham radio in action, just like you did
yesterday. I observed at the AMSAT booth that people were just standing
around, not doing much of anything, selling an occasional book and an
occasional question. The model satellite was sitting over in a corner. It
should be on a rotating wire set from the ceiling, with a spot light on it,
so it looks like it has some life.
It would not be difficult to blow away everyone at that show, with the
exception of Yaesu who had a great booth, by just getting a bit of show biz
in the place. During non-pass times, we could do simulations. Many would not
even know the difference. We could use an audio tape of the actual pass
period. We could demo telm via wave files, etc. I would stick with AO40 just
because of it's protracted availability.
Just some thoughts.
Again, thank you for taking the time to share your enthusiasm with other
hams. It is that actual exposure that will get new membership and new
dollars to help support future launches.
Gunther Meisse

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Thanks to everyone for listening and the few who had a QSO with us at
Dayton. The demo ended up being more of a Q&A session than a
continuous string of QSO's.

We had about 100 folks at the demo. The 40 handout sheets I'd made up
ran out well before we started. FWIW, if you'd like a copy of the
double-sided sheet, it's at http://www.g6lvb.com/DaytonAO-40.doc

The highlight for many of us was Mike N1JEZ's 24GHz demo. I managed
to talk to him via AO-40 on the K band downlink even though he was
barely five yards away ;-)

I contacted a number of stations both prior to and during the demo
including N0AN, WB5GQM, W3PM and K0QQ, as well as a number of others,
but I must apologise that my portable voice recorder stopped

A couple of people commented how easy I made it look, which is good
in that hopefully we'll get some more on board.

But if you want to know the true story, you only have to look at the
table in my hotel room at http://www.g6lvb.com/images/ts2koops1.jpg.
Here you can see what happened when I had to fix the rig when the CW
key stopped working due to a failed SMD inductor.

A special thanks to VK6WN who helped out enormously by helping me set
up, handing out the sheets and telling me to speak up.

Thanks again,

73 Howard G6LVB

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