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Tired of trasnmitting into your S-Band downconverter ?

Parabolic AB
PO Box 10257
SE-434 23 Kungsbacka
Tel. +46-300-54 10 60
Fax +46-300-54 06 21

e-mail: info@parabolic.se

HAM radio enquiries, use sm6cku@parabolic.se

HAM Radio / Protect your Down Converter
A Clever Bias Tee

Don't destroy your expensive down converter! Or your transceiver!

This bias tee is intended for use with any outdoor satellite down converter
and it will not only protect from accidental transmission into your
converter's output. It will also allow you to set your S-meter to a good
reading of the noise floor.

1. It is a bias tee (feeding DC to your converter through the coax cable)
2. It is a dummy load if you accidentally transmit backwards into your
3. It is an RF attenuator

Some protection circuits only shorten the RF and not all transceivers may
withstand that. Our bias tee is also a dummy load with low SWR.

Frequency: 144 MHz (will work on 435)
Insertion loss: approx 4 dB
DC: max 50 volts 2A
Attenuation: 4-30 dB
Dummy load: max 25 watts keydown
Price: SEK 590 (USD 59)
SEK 490 with our downconverter (USD 49)

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