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The AMSAT-UK 2002 Colloquium Competition

AMSAT-UK Announce their 2002 Colloquium Competition!

To coincide with the first anniversary of two way communication through
Oscar 40 AMSAT-UK is pleased to announce this year's Colloquium Competition.

This year the competition is for the "smallest" operational AO40

The precise definition of "smallest" will be left to the judges who will be
appointed by the attendees during the first session at this year's AMSAT-UK
Colloquium which is being held at the University of Surrey, Guildford,
Surrey, U.K., from Friday 26 July to Sunday 28 July 2002.

It is expected that the definition will take into account the concepts of
size, weight, portability, power consumption and other suitable parameters!

There will be two entry categories:

Category A: Stations set-up and demonstrated at the Colloquium

Category B: Stations set-up and demonstrated elsewhere in the world and
reported with the fullest detail possible to the Colloquium by email to be
received by G3VZV@amsat.org  before July 20th.

Judging will take place at a suitable time and place during the Colloquium
after the on-site demonstrations have been completed.

Prizes: Cash prizes of 50 (sterling) will be awarded to the winner of each

The winners will be announced at the Colloquium before the AGM and on the
AMSAT-UK website shortly thereafter!


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