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Re: IDEFIX Spin Rate

Hello John,
for the present the spin rate can be easily seen and calculated by
collecting the CU2 data during a pass and plotting the results of the E
subframes vs time stamps or home time in a spreadsheet. You'll get a
plot made of the composite of spin and rotation. You can even see the
light masking of the center part of the third stage or the reflections
of the center which is made of polished Al.
Next week, if the wheater allows for, we'll try to get a day picture
with a 4 m focus camera that will give us a reference attitude and time.

Best 73

John Heath wrote:
> Hi Ghislain,
> Thanks very much for the information.
> Listening on 435MHz there is very strong fade on the signal
> which I expect is explained by the rotation.
> In your posting to the bb you mention the E data and spin rotation.
> Do you have a few minutes to give the method to calculate spin rate
> using the E values please.
> Understand if you are too busy.
> 73 john G7HIA

Ghislain RUY
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