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Re: AO40 L2 uplink no distortion

 Hi to all AO-40 user,

 I made the similar observation like I8CVS :
 L2 RX is perfect.
 Made the following frequency checks :

 MA 196 : MB beacon 2401,335 MHz  downlink  2401,361

 corresponding uplink on L2 is 1268,425 MHz
                         U  is  435,638 MHz

 signal from L2 was at MA 196 about 4 S-units weaker than the U-up
 L2 : 80 Watts RF power 2db cable loss and 13 dB Helix
 U    40 Watts          1dB                13 dB linear Yagi

 Rolf DK2ZF  AMSAT LM-34

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