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IDEFIX CU1 TLM decoding

Below is some info on the meaning of TLM data transmitted on 145,838 MHz by
CU1 payload.


H : I D E F I X
T :  6-15:14:26 valid 0
A : V Bat : 1.36 : V : Optro Droit : 20 : V : valid : 0
B : Optro Gauche : V : 21 : T Bat : -12.76 : °c : valid : 0
C : T X+ : -12.56 : °c : Temp Bat : -16.86 : °c : valid : 0
D : T Optro G : -14.66 : °c : Temp TX : -9.46 : °c : valid : 0
H : I d e f i x

The time stamp is 6 days 15 hours 14 minutes 26 secondes after the sat has
been switched on.
Valid = 0 mean the data checksum is correct.

V Bat: Battery voltage in decavolts
Optro droit: Right sun sensor (cosine of angle)
Optro gauche: Left sun sensor (cosine of angle)
T bat: Battery temperature in °C
T X+:  Temperature on side X+
Temp bat: Another battery temperature in °C
T optro G: Temperature of left sun sensor in °C
Temp TX: Transmitter temperature in °C

Full details on TLM data of both payloads (meaning of each data, scale, etc)
are available in french in a special issue of our AMSAT-France Journal. An
electronic copy of this paper has already been sent to AMSAT-DL, USA, SM, JA
and I for publication. Other AMSAT can ask us a copy of that newspaper.
The data meanings are displayed (in french) on http://idefix-france.net
The IDEFIX project team is a 5 people team. They all have a job and family.
We all are in a hurry, so we are doing our best to spread the essential


Jean-Louis F6AGR

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