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WDECPSK help file traduced.


I have traduced the help file of WDECPSK from
French to English.See below.
Hope it will help.Feel free to use it as you

Best 73,
Fred, CU8AO


Index of the Wdecpsk help:


This software runs under windows and uses the
soundcard of your PC to demodulate and decode in
real time the 400 bds PSK signal coming from


Use the predictions for the satellite determine
your antennaīs direction. 

Tune your receiver on 145.840 or 435.270FM
(actually 435.278-cu8ao-)

Now you should hear the beacon of IDEFIX .(To let
you familiarise with the sound of the telemetry
beacon, a sample is included with the p3d.wav
If you donīt ,we will see in the next chapter how
to do.


Use an audio cable to connect the phone output of
your radio to the "line in" of your soundcard.
You should hear the sound of your radio in the pc
If not,you have to select the "line in" in your
soundcard or windows menu.
(click on
control .
Then select "options", then "properties".
Select "recording",then check the "wave", "line
in" and "volume control" boxes.
verify that the "mute" or "mute all" are not
Now you should hear the sound of your radio on
the pcīs speaker.


You have unzipped WDECPSK in a folder on you hard
disk.Open it,you should find 4 files:thes doc,
wdecpsk.exe ,wdecpsk.log , wdecpsk.hlp
and p3d.wav (i didnīt found the last one -cu8ao-)

It is recommended to create a shortcut on your
desktop ,to turn things easiers.
Now, click on WDECPSK, a window will open.
If you have registered your software,enter your
registry information now.
click "OK"
The main window of WDECPSK will open.Tune on the
beacon of IDEFIX,and click on "FFT",a new window
will open.
You can see a moving red line, and a vertical
green line on the upper side of the window.

The "acquisition" and "sync_car" indicators are
in black when the software is demodulating
characters.The "sync_block" is for a correctly
decoded block.
The message should appear in the lower window.


The software have 5 state indicators:

-Automation:another software is controlling the
-Acquisition:The software is getting data from
the soundcard.
-Decodage:The software is demodulating the
-Sync_car:the syncronisation is acquired.
-Sync_block:the syncronisation of the message is

A bargraph inform about the ocupation rate of the
circular buffer.
The circular buffer allows to slow pcīs to
demodulate PSK directly from the soundcard.

The software have 3 command buttons:
-Start:start an acquisition.
-Stop: The software stops the acquisition.The
demodulation goes on untill the circular buffer
is empty.
-FFT: Shows a dialog box whith the FFT of the
input signal.

Manual mode:
The manual mode only uses the buttons explained
before.To start an acquisition,you have to click
on "start",the demodulation and data decoding
will be done automatically.As soon a message is
demodulated,it will show up in the text window.

To stop an acquisistion , click on "stop" :-)

Traduced from French by Fred,CU8AO,from the
AMSAT-FR site.
I now you have found errors,please bear with me!
Correction are welcome.
73, happy listening.


Connect the "Phones out" of your rx to your "line
in" or
"mic input" of your soundcard with an audio

You should hear the sound of your radio coming
out from the
PCīs speaker.If not,select it under your
soundcard menu.

-RUNNING Wdecpsk:

You will have to  unzipp Wdecpsk on a folder.Once
unzipped, you should find 4 files in it:this help
wdecpsk.exe , wdecpsk.log , wdecpsk.hlp and
(only if you run it before, and i didnīt found
the last one-cu8ao)

You can create a shortcut to make easier the
launch of it.
When you open it, if you have registered it ,you
should enter
your reg number.
Then click OK.
Tune for a signal,then on "FFT".A new window will
open,where you 
will see a red line

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