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Re: STS-111 Launch Window

Hello friends,

Helmut Strickner wrote:

>I assume that it would be desirable to trail the ISS at
>a close distance at the point of orbit injection.

?? I don't think so.

>I make my estimate between 22:48:00 to 22:50:00 UTC.

Vince Fiscus wrote:

>guess would be around 19:48 EDT May 30th.  KSC is co-planer with the ISS at
>around 19:48:30.  As we get closer to launch day our guesses will get better.

Now we have 4 predictions:

VK4STR:          22:48:00 - 22:50:00 UTC
DL7OL:           23:46:27 UTC (my last calculation)
KB7ADL:          23:48    UTC
KSC co-planer:   23:48:30 UTC

Very exciting 8-)

73, Udo, DL7OL ***

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