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Regular feeds to Goddard

For those interested:
 I am going to try and feed AO40 telm to Goddard every day that there is a
US pass and I am at the home QTH in Ohio and not traveling. (busy schedule,
so there may be week long gaps in the feeds) I am fully automated, with the
exception of the exact AOS Doppler corrected freq. I am using NOVA V1.4r
which yields the Doppler correction in real time only. I am advised that a
new rev will soon be available which will permit future calculations. When I
have that up and running, I should be able to deliver with greater
consistency. ( I know, there is more to it than just predicting the AOS
Doppler corrected freq. I am also working on cooling the downconverter to 0
degrees F to stabilize it's drift which should make the prediction scheme
accurate enough to succeed.. )

I have gotten a lot of comment on this service, so I think it is worth the

Gunther Meisse

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