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Re: pav pause

"Bob Bruninga" wrote:

> On Mon, 13 May 2002, Nick Pugh wrote:
> > A little off subject however can some one tell me if the pav pause radar
> > 217.98 mhz is still operating in Texas?
> It is the US Navy's Space Surveillance Network and it is 80 Meggawatts of
> pure carrier radiating in a 0.2 degree wide FAN beam from horizon to
> horizon from South Carolina to Arizona centered in Texas..

> see a big satellite cross that line, point a 217.98, mhz SSB receiver at
> that location in space and see if you hear the "ping"...

On the basis that no nit is too small to pick, I believe you meant 216.98.
After all, what's a Meg between friends?

The Gila Bend AZ transmitter is very loud here on direct path, and makes a
nice beacon for checking out the 222 gear. The Kickapoo Lake signal is a
very good indicator of MS activity, and I have once heard it for several
minutes during an intense Es opening. If I recall correctly, the three
transmitters are actually on different frequencies, with Kickapoo on .98,
Gila Bend on .97 and the eastern one (GA?) on .99. Kickapoo is the highest
power transmitter by far.

There is a website for this system somewhere, but I've lost the bookmark and
am too lazy to hunt right now. Some very impressive installations.

73 Alf  NU8I
Scottsdale AZ DM43an

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