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>Since Saturday, AO-40 has been experiencing very intense RADAR interference 
>that makes commanding difficult on U-band and extremely difficult on 

Can you characterize the radar interference? I.e., can you hear it in
the transponder downlink, or do you have other information on the type
of radar causing the interference?

A good coding and interleaving scheme can be extremely effective in
suppressing radar interference, especially when the radar duty cycle
is low and the pulses are short relative to a channel symbol time.
Each pulse is something like a sharp, deep fade, and coding can take
good care of those too.

If the radar pulses are significantly stronger than the desired
signal, there is simply no alternative to coding.

I will be demonstrating my proposed coding/interleaving scheme for the
AO-40 downlink at the AMSAT boot at Dayton.


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