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Re: FCC elevates hams to primary status, 2400-2402 MHz

On Mon, May 13, 2002 at 09:50:33AM -0700, Phil Karn wrote:
> >ROTFLOL....   Part 15 seems to be the same deregulated mess as the
> >CB bands was in the '70s from here.
> The comparison to CB is hardly apt. As I said in my last message, WiFi
> networks are proliferating rapidly, and they seem to work well enough
> for many people to invest in them, rely on them, and even to build
> businesses on them. This message is coming to you over my own WiFi
> network. It works much better than 27 MHz CB, thank you.

But Part 15 encompasses a lot more than WiFi...  and I have 4 WiFi
boxes in my own home.

> Your wish is coming true. I went to Fry's yesterday, and they now have
> a whole shelf of 802.11a ("WiFi5") equipment that operates at 5 GHz
> and at substantially higher speeds (54 Mb/s) than 802.11b ("WiFi")
> equipment at 2.4 GHz.

And I knew that already...

> The prices for 802.11a are still high, though, and I suspect it will
> be quite some time before it is as ubiquitous as 802.11b.  11
> megabits/sec is plenty for most people, and given that the "backhaul"
> links on many deployed WiFi networks are much slower than that,
> there's little point in converting to 802.11a. I suspect the major use
> of 802.11a will be in offices where there are already 100Mb/s Ethernet
> backbones and most of the networking is to local servers.

If I could find media converters to connect the VME boxes in the lab
to desktop PCs in the office area, I would already have them here.
Remote reset button pressers are still a problem though...

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