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Re: FCC elevates hams to primary status, 2400-2402 MHz

>ROTFLOL....   Part 15 seems to be the same deregulated mess as the
>CB bands was in the '70s from here.

The comparison to CB is hardly apt. As I said in my last message, WiFi
networks are proliferating rapidly, and they seem to work well enough
for many people to invest in them, rely on them, and even to build
businesses on them. This message is coming to you over my own WiFi
network. It works much better than 27 MHz CB, thank you.

>A lot of fuss for what little spectrum exists at 2400 MHz and they are already 
>using.  These people should be looking "UP"!

Your wish is coming true. I went to Fry's yesterday, and they now have
a whole shelf of 802.11a ("WiFi5") equipment that operates at 5 GHz
and at substantially higher speeds (54 Mb/s) than 802.11b ("WiFi")
equipment at 2.4 GHz.

The prices for 802.11a are still high, though, and I suspect it will
be quite some time before it is as ubiquitous as 802.11b.  11
megabits/sec is plenty for most people, and given that the "backhaul"
links on many deployed WiFi networks are much slower than that,
there's little point in converting to 802.11a. I suspect the major use
of 802.11a will be in offices where there are already 100Mb/s Ethernet
backbones and most of the networking is to local servers.


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