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Re: Re:Re: Info about OSCAR on Moon surface

>When talking about the AMSAT-DL P5 (Mars) project, not many complain. Now I 
>start the P4 idea and many complains haha.

If a Mars mission were promoted as a way for earthbound hams to
communicate with each other, I think you'd hear a lot of complaining.
The only reason to send a radio relay to Mars is the same reason I
previously stated for the moon: to act as a relay for some other

If you're simply after the technical challenge of hearing a radio
beacon in deep space, try ACE (Advanced Composition Explorer). See

ACE is at the L1 point between earth and sun, 1.5 million km from
earth. That's considerably farther than the moon at only 400,000
km. Yet its 434 bps S-band "real time solar wind" (RTSW) signal can be
received on a dish only a couple of meters in diameter if you're not
concerned about having a lot of link margin to overcome solar noise
(ACE always appears close to the sun from earth). I've already
written the software you'd need to decode the ACE signal; I reused the
same modules in my AO-40 FEC prototype. You can get that from
my web page, http://people.qualcomm.com/karn/code/acedemod/


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