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Re: PCSat Questions ?

Hi Hugh,

I'm certain Bob can give you the real oil, but my own observation is that 
the PCsat (NO-44) beacon is always on. The digi on the ISS is another 
matter. That is often silent for long periods, and I believe it is turned 
off for reasons connected to ISS operations, rather than anything directly 
connect to amateur radio. I haven't heard anything from the ISS digi in 
recent passes.

PCSat, and the ISS digi (when it's on) both deliver strong signals, and are 
not at all difficult to copy. If I'm in the open, I can hear them on my 
hand-held using nothing more than the supplied rubber encased antenna.

I'm embarrassed to say that I'm still using an end-fed half wave antenna 
for fixed station 2m ops. It's fastened to a mag magmount, and stuck to the 
iron roofing. Never-the-less, I have little trouble working both 
satellites, and have made "UI" QSOs with VK3 and VK4 stations..

You should be able to hear both satellites with a quarter wave vertical 
without problems.

Sil - ZL2CIA (ex PA3HIL)

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>I gather that beaconing on the 145.825 (.827) downlink frequency can be
>turned on and off.  When it is enabled, how often does the beaconing occur
>When beaconing is off am I correct in assuming you'll only hear traffic
>from the satellite if people are attempting to digi through it ?
>As per previous posts I'm working on setting up a ground station for PCSat
>and then ISS but as I'm in the early days I'm still tinkering with the
>radio/antenna side of thing (the latter is now a simple 1/4w as suggested)
>What I'm trying to get a handle on is for a given pass if I don't hear
>anything is it because my setup is inadequate or that nothing is being
>transmitted while the SV is in view from my location! :)
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