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Re: PCSat Questions ?

On Mon, 13 May 2002 15:29:07 +1000, Hugh Blemings wrote:

> Hi,

> Pardon my ignorance but I've not been able to find the following clarified
> anywhere in relation to PCSat operation over the Australia/Pacific region.

> I gather that beaconing on the 145.825 (.827) downlink frequency can be
> turned on and off.  When it is enabled, how often does the beaconing occur
> ?

Once every minute + the odd info bulletin

> When beaconing is off am I correct in assuming you'll only hear traffic
> from the satellite if people are attempting to digi through it ?

No, when the beacon's off, so's the digi.

> As per previous posts I'm working on setting up a ground station for PCSat
> and then ISS but as I'm in the early days I'm still tinkering with the
> radio/antenna side of thing (the latter is now a simple 1/4w as suggested)

> What I'm trying to get a handle on is for a given pass if I don't hear
> anything is it because my setup is inadequate or that nothing is being
> transmitted while the SV is in view from my location! :)

You must have the volume turned down, your receiver front end is dead,
or your antenna's not plugged in, or all three..

You should be able to hear at least one or two beacons on every pass,
even when it's not in digi mode.

> 73
> Hugh
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