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PCSat Questions ?


Pardon my ignorance but I've not been able to find the following clarified
anywhere in relation to PCSat operation over the Australia/Pacific region.

I gather that beaconing on the 145.825 (.827) downlink frequency can be
turned on and off.  When it is enabled, how often does the beaconing occur

When beaconing is off am I correct in assuming you'll only hear traffic
from the satellite if people are attempting to digi through it ?

As per previous posts I'm working on setting up a ground station for PCSat
and then ISS but as I'm in the early days I'm still tinkering with the
radio/antenna side of thing (the latter is now a simple 1/4w as suggested)

What I'm trying to get a handle on is for a given pass if I don't hear
anything is it because my setup is inadequate or that nothing is being
transmitted while the SV is in view from my location! :)

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