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RE: bloody smd bits :P. help someone pls :)

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> thanks for everyones help, but after 4-5 days of searching
> the net almost
> constantly...
> ive found out what the hell that IF pre amp is.
> its  micro circuits Gali-6f in a SOT-89 package.

That's probably from MiniCircuits (see http://www.minicircuits.com/ and in
particular http://www.minicircuits.com/dg02-138a.pdf ). Since they have a
$50 minimum order, a good deal is the $65 K2-GALI designer kit which
includes a NICE mounting fixture as well as 10@ (total = 50) of a number of
the GAL-series amplifiers.

73 de Tom, W3IWI

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