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>                  Hallo,
>                  the signals are nbfm modulated on voice and data.
>                  The two payloads are totally independent and transmit
>                  different telemetry signals.
>                  As IDEFIX is a testbed for a new concept of thermal
>                  control for use on uncontrolled spacecraft (namely the
>                  trashed r/b in orbit), we need every bit of
>                  telemetry you can get.
>                  See http://www.idefix-france.net for tlm software
>                  decoder.
>                  To receive :
>                  put your RX in nbfm mode (6k or 15 k), open the
>                  squelch.
>                  It appears that best results are obtained with a 9 cp
>                  on 145 or 19 cp on 435 with or without elevation.
>                  As the attitude of the third stage is totally unknown
>                  for the present (and behaves like a fractal chaotic brownian object) and probably still evolving, tlm is
>                  the only way along with signal strength appreciation
>                  to see if the concept can be  further applied.
>                  The Li batteries used are the same that will go
>                  onboard the CNES/ESA Rosetta interplanetary probe in january
>                  2003 and thus we need also teh tlm to give results to
>                  SAFT.
>                  By the way, it is probably the first contribution of
>                  amateurs to an interplanetary mission.
>                  We thank you very much for your contributions, done or
>                  to come.
>                  Ghislain.
>                  ON1RG/F1HDD
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