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Re: FCC elevates hams to primary status, 2400-2402 MHz

>  Worse yet, I've seen some trade press suggesting that there are Part
> 15 users that don't think they can accomodate Part 18 users. If Part
> 18 RF lighting devices threaten to kill Part 15 usage, how are we
> supposed to accomodate both?

Perhaps we don't. I can't imagine the part 15 users and manufacturers 
being too happy about being disabled by part 18 devices. This would 
mean that we would presumably see one set of manufacturers against the 
other. The part 15 users would point to the existing installed user 
base and investment, and tell the part 18 manufacturers to go and play 
elsewhere. I think the part 15 people are our friends in this argument. 
As other people have pointed out, amateur radio is too small a lobby to 
exert much influence so we will just have to watch from the sidelines 
as the two heavyweights slug it out.

Could be quite interesting. Presumably we all feel that part 15 devices 
are the lesser of the two evils.

>  73 de Maggie K3XS

Jonathan  HB9DRD/G4KLX
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