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RE: FCC elevates hams to primary status, 2400-2402 MHz

> Second - okay, write letters, all 3 dozen or so Hams who will 
> eventually write and say, "Oh, please let us use AO-40 without 
> any interference, my neighbor's phone now wipes my downlink 
> out..."

You are correct.  I see this all the time, with gun owners.  The
NRA has ~4.5 million members.  It is estimated that there are
80 million gun owners in the U.S., far more than hams.  Think
you could get them to write a letter... or even VOTE once every
4 years?  Not sure how many members ARRL has....  only know
I am one.  But if EVERY HAM was a member, what do we have 
now??? 750K licensed hams????

> FACT OF LIFE - there are about 1+ million "Part 15 Wireless" 
> users now, far more than all the Hams in the world, and these 
> are just the Part 15'ers in the US.  How may Hams have ever 
> heard of 2.4gHz?  Active?  Satellites with uplinks/downlinks?  
> Right - a mere drop in the RF bucket.

The good news is that the part 15 users are even more pathetic.
They have far less knowledge of even what part 15 is, much less
to know what is at stake in a rule change, and they won't even
hear of the NPRM.   The manufacturers however will know all of
it, and will speak up.  And to a certain point, they have the
$$$ and the will to fight for their profits.  How effective would the
ARRL be if they had 750k members all paid up?

All I can say is, it is a good thing that most of the opposition to 
ham radio laws are not as organized as Brady, Schumer, Klinton,
Feinstein, Boxer, McCain, and a few other lesser names.  If they
were, ham radio would be doomed.  Gun owners have realized,
like them or not, the NRA carries a BIG STICK.  Hams need to
realize the same thing.... like them or not, the ARRL IS the
biggest stick (Wulff Hong ?) in ham radio when going to the FCC.

Fortunately, gun owners are waking up and winning the fight.  And
we have the Constitution to protect us.  Ham radio has no real
protection, only what the license holders can do to be heard.
I believe I will be shooting long after my radio hobby has been
swallowed up be frequency grabbers for lack of use by hams.  Yes,
it is a grim picture I paint here... and it doesn't have to be this way.
But it will be as long as hams remain quiet about it.

I could write so much more here, but by now you are tired of
hearing it.  Sorry for the rant... hope it wakes up a few hams to
try to help the fight.  Everyone can help, just do what you can.
Give up that 1 hour net just one time a month, write a letter

I will shut up now...

Mike.  KD9KC.
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