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FCC elevates hams to primary status, 2400-2402 MHz

>Apparently all this rule change does is get government users away from
>2400-2402 MHz.
>Maybe we should write letters to the ARRL saying that we DON'T think hams
>can continue to accomodate Part 15 devices at 2.4 GHz.

First, this is just an NPRM - read the acronym - notice of PROPOSED 
rulemaking.  Nothing has been adopted yet, it's just a proposal that is being 
considered.  WE, Hams, might not get anything, nothing may change, depending 
on how well we lobby versus the "other side" who have a larger vested 
interest in the spectrum - aka government users, etc that now have PRIMARY 
use of these freqs.  So who coined the subject line which is BOGUS, NOTHING 
has been elevated yet.  HYSTERIA, bad journalism...

Second - okay, write letters, all 3 dozen or so Hams who will eventually 
write and say, "Oh, please let us use AO-40 without any interference, my 
neighbor's phone now wipes my downlink out..."

FACT OF LIFE - there are about 1+ million "Part 15 Wireless" users now, far 
more than all the Hams in the world, and these are just the Part 15'ers in 
the US.  How may Hams have ever heard of 2.4gHz?  Active?  Satellites with 
uplinks/downlinks?  Right - a mere drop in the RF bucket.

So WHY can't we "continue to accommodate Part 15 devices"?  How many Hams 
can't, have serious problems with it, wipe out their AO-40 receive?  We're 
gonna need more than just conjecture and assumptions, we need numbers, 
demographic studies, petitions, surveys, etc.  I think the biggest problems 
are from Hams who choose to move to a location that is unfriendly to their 
intended operations, but fail to consider this BEFORE they move there.  Or 
don't take the traditional approach when they DO experience interference - 
research, cooperation, education, etc.

We'll NEVER have even a FRACTION of enough clout to battle this.  WE SHOULD 
it, enjoy it, and co-exist.  So where are all the people trying to shut down 
the broadcast stations within the 40-meter band?  They impact far more than 
the paltry few who are on the 2.4 satellite segment, but they realize it's a 
losing battle.  Don't tug on Superman's Cape....

How about the TWO NEW BAND SEGMENTS being considered?  Maybe you don't care 
about THAT, but don't ruin it for all the rest of us, it's much more far 
reaching than a small chuck of microwave segment that just a few hams use 
anyway, and we'll STILL HAVE regardless of this outcome.

Ray - WB3ABN
Kingston, WA

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