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Re: Easy, Easy SATGATES!

On Fri, 10 May 2002 07:57:33 +1200, Sil - PA3HIL wrote:

> Hi

> This is probably a rather foolish question.

No question is foolish, unless it's not asked..


> So.. is it possible to use UIview to digipeat PCsat downlink packets onto
> the local ARPS frequency?

> Sil - ZL2CIA (ex PA3HIL)

No wurries Sil. I do it regularly here in New Plymouth. You'll need
either two modems, or two TNCs. If running a modem with BPQ, you just
set up BPQ as a NODE. If using two TNCs, activate two comports. You may
need an extra COM port card for this, or don't use a mouse.

I also understand that you can use AGWPE and the two stereo channels of
your sound card as a two port node as well. But not having the
facillities here for AGW, I can't advise any further..

There's no regulatory reason why you cannot do this in NZ..

I can give you more info offlist, if you wish?

       Alan. (ZL2VAL)

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