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Re: Questions about operating F0-20 & 29

On Thu, 9 May 2002 15:28:54 -0400, Greg KB4NVD/R wrote:

>I have a few questions about what it is like to operate mode JA
>on FO-20 & 29:
>What kind of antennas will I need for TX and RX? Will omni's be

Yes, you can use omni's.  I'm using a pair of the M-squared Eggbeaters
for up and downlink to the FO sats with pretty good success.  The 
limiting factor will be hearing yourself - I'm usually not quite as
loud as the other stations in the QSO, but can most often hear my 
own downlink enough to tell that I'm on frequency. Adding a software
doppler correction program (I use the W6IHG Radio Tuner for the 
Kenwood TS-2000 now) helps.. or you can use one of the hardware
solutions.  Trying to tune for doppler and move antennas manually
would drive someone crazy, quickly.. those birds move fast!

>What is the dopler like and how do I tune for it on a JA transponder?

The doppler on 435 is a killer.. most folks set their transmitter and
tune the receiver on the FO sats.  I've got the ability  (with the software
and the computer controlled doppler correction) to keep the apparent 
downlink frequency stable using uplink and downlink correction, but I've
not heard anyone else that does that on the FO birds.

>How well are the satellites working right now?

They work quite well most of the time. Some short (10-30 sec) fades, but
quite often there's only a couple of folks on the satellite.

>Is there many people on and what about some DX stuff like Carribean
>islands, South American stations, VE, etc?

See above. Nope, not a lot of DX on the FO sats that I've heard. They're
within range, but not too many people on them.

>My background is that of a VHF rover and an old timer RS-10 Mode
>A operator. I have available for this project; KNWD TR-751 2m 25w
>TR-851 430 radios, ARR preamp for 435.
>If possible, I want to keep my antennas simple so I can take this show
>on the road and operate portable from various grids.

That's certainly do-able. Mount the eggbeaters as far away from each other
as you can and take off... should work well, as long as you've got very
decent ears (add a good preamp to the 435mHz redeive chain... you'll be 
very glad you did)... and 100w omni up should give you more than enough 
signal into the satellites.

Good luck and see you on FO20 & FO29!

73 Wayne N5WD

R. Wayne Day, Licensed Paramedic  Fort Worth, Texas, USA
     n5wd@earthlink.net      rday@northwest.k12.tx.us
Health Science Technology Instructor/Clinical Coordinator
      Northwest High School, Justin,Texas  Go Texans!
-------------------- 73 de N5WD -------------------------

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