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Questions about operating F0-20 & 29

HI all,

I have a few questions about what it is like to operate mode JA
on FO-20 & 29:

What kind of antennas will I need for TX and RX? Will omni's be

What is the dopler like and how do I tune for it on a JA transponder?

How well are the satellites working right now?

Is there many people on and what about some DX stuff like Carribean
islands, South American stations, VE, etc?

My background is that of a VHF rover and an old timer RS-10 Mode
A operator. I have available for this project; KNWD TR-751 2m 25w 
TR-851 430 radios, ARR preamp for 435.

If possible, I want to keep my antennas simple so I can take this show
on the road and operate portable from various grids.

TIA for the help!    73 de Greg KB4NVD   EM86 near Bristol TN
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