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Re: RE: Sats for packet 9600 and software

On Thu, May 09, 2002 at 11:23:43AM -0400, K5OE@aol.com wrote:
> The only buffer problem I have run into is when you have WISP set up to automatically request DIR update, but the TNC is in it's default condition of manual-transmit-on-squelch-break.  If WISP requests multiple DIR updates and they stack up in the TNC buffer (you do not manually squelch the input (or turn off the preamp works also)), they can cause the TNC to lock up.  The radio works fine, but the TNC won't work correctly until you do a partial-reset.  The two ways to avoid this are:  1) stay alert and don't let the DIR's stack up more than about 6 or 7 deep, or 2) set the TNC up for auto-transmit before starting WISP.  There are a number of undocumented commands available in the TNC:  do a DISP and you will see quite a few common TNC commands that are just not in the manual :-)

This sounds like the same condition that most TNCs operating in KISS mode
have when they run out of buffers because the channel is busy and they are
not able to send their data. Since you are transmitting and receiving on
two different frequencies, it would make sense to use it in full duplex
mode if it supports it. It should never wait before sending data in that


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