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Thanks for help and ... a theoretical question

Thanks to everyone for advice on: 

... powering a Calamp downconverter
... antennas for FM sats
... sat operating techniques
... everything else that I've asked over the last year or so.

I read everything that everyone writes closely and have learned a tremendous
amount.  Now to operate more than once every couple of months.

A THEORETICAL QUESTION (or more than one)

How feasible would it be to build a receiver for 2.4 ghz using the R2 KK7B
modules (single signal direct conversion receiver) along with a 2.4ghz to 2m
downconverter and a transmitter for 1.2 ghz using the T2 module for a very
compact AO40 system?  I realize that the transmitter would need at least a
10?, 20? 30? watt amplifier but then the whole system (radio and amp) could
conceiveable fit into a briefcase.  With these requiring little power it may
be possible to power the system using a gel-cel of 7ah or so and then with
the sheet metal portable dish receive antenna and a small loop yagi for the
transmitter have a very portable system.  The R2 and T2 modules are
available from Kanga US.  

(there .... I've run very far ahead of my abilities!!)  

This is something that has been popping up in my head for quite a while and
just thought I'd toss it out to see if it is worth pursuing or laying the
idea to rest.  Maybe someone can get an idea or two.

Thanks again ....  

Steve Brockwell
Elgin, OK

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