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Re: Tupperware?

You might try cobbling something together with white PVC pipe.  It is 
fairly UV stable, it sure wont disintegrate over a normal humans' 
life expectancy  Its not a real bad dielectric at 2.4 ghz but it will 
have some effect.  Maybe you could machine down an end cap so its 
flat and see how it goes.  If you are cleaver, you could maybe even 
seal it up, evacuate and give it a little dry air to keep the rain 

I have used pvc as radome material in the past and I say you can't beat it.


>No. I have tried Tupperware for protecting electronic equipment
>up on my tower. After one season in the sun I had a pile of brittle
>Tupperware pieces laying at the base of my tower and my elevation
>sensor was up there exposed to the elements.

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