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Re:Re: Info about OSCAR on Moon surface


It seems that most of you have still the (immediate) idea that it is 
impossible to make an P4 OSCAR.

In technical way, and with the help of some real technicians I am sure an P4 
can be build. When an P5 can be build, and can travel to Mars that to the 
moon must be a peanut.

When talking about the AMSAT-DL P5 (Mars) project, not many complain. Now I 
start the P4 idea and many complains haha.

Im my opinion an P4 mission would be possible when looking to the P5 
project. The P5 satellite has 400N trust what is used to get it into an Mars 
orbit. Whith an smaller and lighter satellite, and the 400N motor the motor 
can give the satellite much more speed, or let it faster "break".

My idea is not an AO40 model ! An small size, single transponder is enough. 
Ofcourse the OSCAR has to be extreem tough in many ways, but that is an 
technical problem, what give me the big challenge :-)

There are many ways to solve problems. It is only not easy to find an easy 

Then about the path losses, I think this is not that problem as told.
The path losses between the earth and the Moon are 198dB on 70cm.
When having an oscar with 10W PEP and an 16dB antenna,
you get: 40dBm(10W Transponder)+16dB(Antenna)=56dBm ERP
56dBm(ERP) - 198(Path loss) = -142dBm ERP on Earth
With an 16dB antenna on earth we get: -142dBm(ERP)+16dB = -126dBm(RX)

This is enough to copy the signal without problems :-)
Ofcourse with an pre-amp and more power it is better .-)

73 de PE1RAH, William

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