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Re: 0.5pf "feedthru" capacitor

									8 May 2002
	Dr. Gerald N. Johnson, K0CQ,

	Dear Dr. Johnson,
	Thank you for your kind reply to my memorandum on the reference subject. I
have to admit your description of the term "feedthru", in the British
vocabulary, is quite novel and possibly does deserve copyright protection.
I have never come across such a description before. The classical
description is "coupling capacitor"; the circuit designator often used is
"Cc" as shown in figure 4.3 of the reference text (RSGB VHF-UHF Manual,
G.R.Jessop, C.Eng., MIERE, G6JP).

	I'm sure George, G6JP, a personal friend who has sat at our kitchen table
drinking tea with Dorothy and myself, will not object to me quoting from
his book.

	If you look carefully at the drawing of the filter, figure 4.3, you should
recognise the 0.5pF capacitor in question is one that is affectionally
known as a "Dog Bone". This range of capacitors was made by Erie. Yes, the
0.5pF value is a standard value; I have some, together with other values in
the range, in my private stock.

	I was grieved to read your description of how you suffered from a
copyright infringement of your writing, particularly when you had to
purchase a copy of the document to find the event; having to pay must have
"rubbed salt into the wound". May I commiserate with you; however in my
case the book's author was generous enough to send me an autographed
complementary copy!

	Please take note I have removed all traces of your communication (to the
best of my computer knowledge) from my computer's memory. Please do not
reply to this correspondence; I do not wish to have any communication from
you in my computer and risk possibly violating your copyright protection.


	K0CQ de G3BVU      SK

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