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Re: AMSAT-BB Search Engine

On  6 May, Paul Williamson wrote:
> At 09:33 AM 5/6/2002 +0000, Keith O'Brien wrote:
>>Is there any reason that a search engine could not be applied to the 
>>AMSAT-BB archives?

> Alternately, AMSAT-UK has a search engine http://www.uk.amsat.org/search/, 
> and it indexes the AMSAT-NA site as well. You can use it to search AMSAT-BB.

The Search Engine on http://www.uk.amsat.org/search/ uses htDig.

I updated the htDig software in the last few weeks, to the most uptodate
'stable' release. 

This copy runs across three databases:

1	AMSAT-NA Web Site

2	AMSAT-UK Web Site

3	AMSAT-BB Mailing List
	1998	 4497159 bytes	 3171 messages
	1999	 9156533 bytes	 6087 messages
	2000	16910212 bytes	11418 messages
	2001	44324850 bytes	14813 messages
	2002	11346335 bytes	 3562 messages (upto May 7th)
	SAREX Mailing List
	1998	  786703 bytes	  443 messages
	1999	 2630980 bytes	 1332 messages
	2000	 1093456 bytes	  590 messages
	2001	 6676220 bytes	 2034 messages
	2002	 2079101 bytes	  526 messages (upto May 7th)

I use MHonArc on the raw mailing lists to convert the messages to html.
You can browse the message archives directly at:


  John Heaton, G1YYH
  JWCS (JANET Web Cache Services) & Manchester Proxy/Cache Support,
  Manchester Computing, The University, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13-9PL, UK

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