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RE: What is HAM radio and AMSAT?

> well after talking with a newly licensed novice amateur at 
> the local club. i
> asked him what does he want to do with in amateur radio, 
> anything technical
> or just mess about on repeaters.
> saddly he only wants to use repeaters, boasting that his only 
> long distance
> contact was 40 mile away.

Well, whether that's a problem depends on several things...  If these "short
range operators" can be encouraged to do public service work, I see them as
a big asset.  These people can be the ones that make IRLP and other linking
projects worthwhile - they can occupy the airwaves and perhaps encourage
others to get on the air.  It depends...

> saying that, hes talked to america before, on ilink, which he 
> was also quite
> pleased of :P.

So have I, but I've never logged those contacts, as there was no RF involved
on my end.  I do log IRLP though, as there is always RF present there at
both ends of the QSO. :)

> not saying that what he is doing is bad, just its a bit sad 
> to see that he
> logs contacts that he makes over the net, what does he put in 
> the freq box
> on the log?
> the ip :P.

I did something similar as a joke with an inactive ham.  We often catch up
on IRC, and we decided to send each other QSLs, just for the fun of it.
That was rather amusing. :-)

> just trying to move him over to working sats, but as with all 
> new people to
> sats (including me:) he thinks he needs about 100w, an eme 
> type antenna
> array and a great rig.

Well, that's where we have the advantage in VK.  A demonstration of UO-14
with a pair of handhelds from the park, beach, clubhouse, street corner,
wherever happens to be convenient really makes people think "Hey, I can do
this!!!!!!!".  I've introduced a number of people to UO-14, and also
RS-12/13 - another bird people didn't realise was so easy to work.  A couple
of those people are planning on setting up an AO-40 station. :-)

> just wait till next monday when i bring my 4 ele 2m and 8ele 70cms :).

Just a pair of HTs and a little skill for me - but you can get into UO-14
with probably 100mW EIRP or less, if no one else is on. :-)  Hmm, wonder how
many "Ham satellite holidays" I could sell if I opened up a travel agency :)

> as far as im concered, this hobby is for experimenting.
> messing about on fm repeaters and thinking ssb is for people 
> with great
> skill isnt what i would class as "experimenting":).

I'm a bit of a few things.  I do a little experimenting and construction -
setup up the first widely known and publicised Internet link in VK3 (using
IPhone and whatever gear I could cobble together!), and later,  brought IRLP
down here as well.  I've built an ATV exciter (PAs hopefully this winter so
I can get on the air, if funds permit), and a few other bits and pieces.
I'm also an "operator", mostly local work, but not afraid to pop up and snag
a bit of DX if the opportunity presents itself.

And then there's the promotional side - no one here knows what ham radio is
all about, unless they've had a family member involved, or lucky enough to
have been to a JOTA station as a kid.  I also try and be involved in the
local ham communuty - I'm on the club committee and also one of the tutors
for our ham study classes.

> also, while im here, is anyone on the bb done the foundation licence
> (england only :). thinking about doing just for the sake of 
> it, and to use
> hf of course :).

We're looking into a Foundation licence here.  I'm hoping the privileges are
such that they are useful to people who are interested in the public service
side of our hobby - a couple of lower HF bands and 2m/70cm FM.

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