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Re: What is HAM radio and AMSAT?

Hello, Bob and everyone,
I am Masahiro Sanada from Japan.
I am 40 years old.

I have much interest in Bob's opinion.
Yes, what HAM radio is, that is very important place we should think.

The situation in Japan is the same as Bob said.
Few younger generation has interest in Ham radio.
The reason is that they cannot feel attraction from Ham radio
after CELL phone spread widely.

I want to tell my situation for example.

I have continued Ham radio for 27years.
During this period, I had only 500 QSO's.
A few years ago, I thought to quit Ham radio,
because I cannot make QSO so much.
I made some equipment and tried to use them in vain.
But after I met sattellite communication,
it bring me back.
Sattellite itself is a new item for me.

I enjoy FO-29, 20, SO-35, UO-14, and AO-27,
by 20W transceiver and 5ele (430MHz) + 3ele(144MHz) Yagi.
At first, I hardly believed I could use sattellite.
There were only a few informations about sat communication.
Even when I found the materials, the writer on the books said I need
excellent (expensive) antenna and rig.
And I had doubt if it would be useful by spending money for sattellilte

After I started sat communication with the simple equipments mentioned
I thought why few people try to tell new commers how easy to use FM sat
Do they want to use FM sat only by themselves?

FM sattellite is good for beguinners, I think.
I often use FM sat when I am tired with no QSO through FO sat,
because I definitely make QSO with someone and myself satisfied.

Recently I found next step.
I am preparing an dish antenna for AO-40 made by myself.
If I would buy ready-made antenna, it would be easy to make QSO with AO-40.
In this case, I would lose interest about AO-40 because I would have been
I am ineterested in making equipments.
In almost all of the cases, I had only thought how to make things but not
Gather informations, think and get ideas, that is sometimes enough for me.
So when I get a new antenna for AO-40 I would like to make SSTV QSO or
(It may conclude only a hope, but thinking possibility is interesting for

As Bob says,
before we think about new equipment,
we must think about what can we do with the equipment we have now.
Masahiro Sanada
     de ji1izr

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