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UO-22 again

Today, I tried again to receive the signal from UO-22 at a time using
with Pcsatdecoder, AGWPE, and WiSP for UO-22.


08:09:37z R UOSAT5>QST Port=4 <UI [DAMA] [EAX25] Len=45>:
BATMAN: M:100, PWM:D4, C:2, T:41617760, D:1

08:10:43z R UOSAT5-11>PBLIST Port=4 <UI [DAMA] [EAX25] Len=11>:
PB: Empty.

08:10:44z R UOSAT5-12>BBSTAT Port=4 <UI [DAMA] [EAX25] Len=11>:
Open 12a :

08:10:44z R UOSAT5-11>STATUS Port=4 <UI [DAMA] [EAX25] Len=14>:
B: 1953867353


4:Fm UOSAT5-11 To BY1TSU <UI pid=BB [DAMA] [EAX25] Len=10 >[08:16:11z]

4:Fm UOSAT5-11 To PBLIST <UI pid=F0 [DAMA] [EAX25] Len=11 >[08:16:22z]
PB: Empty.

4:Fm UOSAT5-11 To PBLIST <UI pid=F0 [DAMA] [EAX25] Len=11 >[08:16:24z]
PB: Empty.

4:Fm UOSAT5-11 To STATUS <UI pid=F0 [DAMA] [EAX25] Len=14 >[08:16:30z]
B: 1953933139


UOSAT5-11>PBLIST [07-May-02  08:18:28z] <UI>:

UOSAT5-11>TLM [07-May-02  08:18:29z] <UI>:

UOSAT5>QST [07-May-02  08:18:29z] <UI>:
BATMAN: M:100, PWM:D4, C:2, T:41618291, D:1

UOSAT5-11>STATUS [07-May-02  08:18:36z] <UI>:
B: 1954035750

UOSAT5>HITVER [07-May-02  08:18:36z] <UI>:
HIT V2.4 SYNC V1.3 

UOSAT5>SKED [07-May-02  08:18:37z] <UI>:
Sked 1.5 File2:77b3a Next:Tue May 07 12:00:00 2002

UOSAT5>STATUS [07-May-02  08:18:38z] <UI>:
Tue May 07 08:18:30 2002 Up: 755/23:36
EDAC= 3224 F:46464 L:45664 d:1 [0].

Name : Mineo Wakita / JE9PEL, JAMSAT member
Mail : ei7m-wkt@asahi-net.or.jp
URL  : http://www.ne.jp/asahi/hamradio/je9pel/
QTH  : Yokohama Japan, GL:PM95TJ
Date : May 7, 2002
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