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A Question About InstantTrack and AO-40

I find myself in a quandry about something.

I have this statement from the InstantTrack FAQ page

"... What about the Attitude of AO-40?

    "...Note that this type of attitude calculation will only work as long
as AO-40 is in spin mode. After the orbital maneuvers are completed, AO-
40 is supposed to go into a 3-axis stabilized mode. InstantTrack 1.50 can't
handle that type of attitude mode. Perhaps there will be a
new version that can, someday."

My question is in regards to the next to last statement.  Is this still a
problem with InstantTrack?  Am I going to be able to enter attitude
parameters for AO-40 when (if) AO-40 goes into 3-axis stabilized mode?
Perhaps this has been "fixed" and this is now a "non-issue."

Joel Black, W4JBB

"Uvajed - The overwhelming
feeling that I've never been
here before."
-- Unknown

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