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Re: Saudisat 1-A activity

Drew - KO4MA said:
> I stayed up for the ~4:15 Z Saudisat pass tonight. The downlink came on
at 4:14Z with the sat passing about 13 deg N, and was still on at my LOS at
4:26Z, passing 47 deg N. I was alone the entire pass. It's not as easy as
UO-14, but it is not difficult to work. The doppler is a bit more, due to
the lower inclination I suppose, and the uplink receiver is a bit more
selective. The result is you might have to tweak the UL frequency if you
are at the end or beginning of a pass.

Last Firday night I was up late and had an almost overhead pass of SO-41.
I called throughout the pass and there was no one around (OK, it was almost
0100 Pacific Daylight Time at my house near Los Angeles).  The next day I
was able to talk to several stations on a mid-day pass.  I would agree with
Drew that the receiver is more selective than UO-14 and therefore uplink
doppler correction is almost mandatory, and preferably in steps smaller
than 5 KHz.  This may be an issue for the FM only radios as most of them
can't tune in smaller steps.  It was no problem at all of course on an
all-mode radio.  It was somewhat amazing to be talking on an FM satellite
on a pass that covered most of the USA in the middle of the day on a
weekend and have only 4 people on the bird!  For several of us it was out
first contacts on SO-41.

> I sure appreciate the chance to use this new satellite!

I'll never turn down another satellite to talk on!

Jim Walls - K6CCC
Mobile Radio Operations
Southern California Edison Co.
Ofc:   626-302-8515   -   PAX   28-515
FAX:   626-302-7501   -   PAX   27-501

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